Responsibility.  Consistency. Visibility.


Lost control of your PACS?

Manage your PACS effectively with PACSHealth® - the solution for real-time PACS monitoring, database analysis, reporting and full-disclosure HIPAA audit log management.  PACSHealth is the only automated PACS analytics tool on the market.

Have data inaccuracies led to liabilities for your organization?

PACSHealth® is a Mission Critical clinical application monitoring tool that automates PACS administrative responsibilities, improves Radiology department efficiency,  and monitors system performance by providing a real-time enterprise PACS monitoring dashboard. Using an interactive browser based interface, PACSHealth identifies and reports on internal database and RIS/PACS data consistency errors with a powerful Audit log/HIPAA transaction reporting engine that allows full disclosure of all system events by patient, user, workstation or exam. The PACSHealth® line of products includes PACSHealth® for GE’s Centricity PACS, Centricity IW PACS, McKesson’s HMI PACS and AGFA's Impax.

Are you manually extracting and aggregating system data?

PACSHealth® is the answer.  PACSHealth an interactive and intuitive browswer-based, zero footprint solution that ensures optimal performance of your enterprise PACS.