Ensure Optimal
   of your Global PACS System
PACSHealth® is an interactive and intuitive browser-based solution that ensures optimal performance of your PACS

  • A customizable centralized dashboard with real-time monitoring of system and database status – not available with your current PACS
  • Isolation and notification of database inconsistencies and errors – before there is an impact to the patient/physician experience
  • Easy access to system transactional audit logs providing evidence of Who, What, When and Where
  • System reports are generated quickly and accurately - reducing turnaround time, unnecessary oversight and increasing data integrity
  • Real-time email alert messages via PACSHealth® Alerts

PACSHealth® includes the following standard features

  • Global system status and performance
  • PACS database status and anomaly reporting by criticality
  • Complete HIPAA Audit Log summary by user, accession or patient
  • Study exam queue monitoring by status
  • Archive, send, retrieve and print queue monitoring by status
  • Unspecified / unmatched exam monitoring
  • Licenses in use, by user and duration
  • Customizable dashboard interface
  • True browser based app., no client install required, no Active-X or Java code
  • 30-day install

Customer Testimonial:

“Simply stated, PACSHealth® has been a godsend. HIPAA auditing, workstation utilization, identification of possible duplicate patient records, all are a breeze. Most reports can be exported to XML, Excel and other formats. It’s been a great tool for us, and I wouldn’t want to go back to working without it.”

Kip Henry,
PACS Administrator
Oklahoma City, OK

With PACSHealth®, I finally have an easy way to monitor our PACS system 24/7. I can rest assured that system data is clean and consistent across the board and errors, if any, are quickly repaired. I can do my job in a fraction of the time that it used to take with better results.

- Scottsdale Medical Imaging Ltd